$10,600 Main Event
$10,600 Main Event
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Fazzino Leads after Day 3, Seiver, Mizzi, and Seidel Survive

[user101598] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Salvatore Fazzino
Salvatore Fazzino

Day 3 of the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event is in the books, and leading the remaining 36 players is Salvatore Fazzino. On the final hand of the night, Fazzino eliminated one time chip leader Gareth Dwyer when both players flopped a set. Fazzino’s set of jacks trumped Dwyer’s set of fours, and the money went in the middle. Dwyer was unable to make quads, and exited just shy of Day 4.

Scott Seiver and Sorel Mizzi also finished the day with over a million chips. Seiver won a massive 1.5 million-chip pot off of Florian Bussman in Level 18 when the two got into a preflop raising war. Faced with a raise, Bussman put in a three-bet to 59,000, and Seiver cold four-bet to 146,000. Bussman clicked it back, making it 233,000 to go, Seiver moved all in for 736,000, and Bussman called.

Bussmann: {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}
Seiver: {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}

The aces held up as the flop, turn, and river came {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{5-Spades}{j-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}, and Seiver was suddenly the top stack in the room.

Four members of Team PokerStars Pro are still alive – Raymond Wu, Jonathan Duhamel, Liv Boeree, and Jason Mercier. The latter three are looking to add another major victory to their poker résumé, while Wu is in search of his second career six-figure score.

Falling just short of Day 4 but busting in the money were, among others, WPT Champions Club member Paul Klann, Big One for One Drop champion Antonio Esfandiari, and 2013 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Marco Johnson.

The bubble burst in Level 16, when Luke Downs moved all in for less than five big blinds with {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs}. Perth’s Patrick Healy looked him up from the big blind with {a-Clubs}{q-Clubs}, and held as the board ran out {a-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}. From there, dozens of players quickly hit the rail, and were off to collect a min-cash from the cage.

Several players were unable to fight there way into the money, and among the players to exit empty-handed were Dean Schneider, Paul Newey, Jarod Ludemann, Jason Pritchard, Stevan Chew, and Tom Grigg. Ludemann was eliminated in a massive pot where he and Rhys Jones both flopped a set. Unfortunately for Ludemann, Jones’ set of sixes trumped his set of fours, and he was unable to hit quads on the river.

The remaining 36 players will return at 12:15 p.m. local time tomorrow, where they will form six tables of six. The plan is to play until an official final table of six, and those players will enjoy a day off on Saturday.

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Official End-of-Day 3 Chip Counts (complet)

[user153638] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Salvatore Fazzino au
Salvatore Fazzino
au 1,540,000
Darren Rabinowitz us
Darren Rabinowitz
us 1,232,000 342,000
Scott Seiver us
Scott Seiver
us 1,133,000 -167,000
Sorel Mizzi ca
Sorel Mizzi
ca 1,099,000 49,000
Patrick Crivell ca
Patrick Crivell
ca 1,040,000 140,000
Andrew Phaedonos AU
Andrew Phaedonos
AU 1,005,000 80,000
Tam Truong au
Tam Truong
au 1,005,000 45,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca
Jonathan Duhamel
ca 935,000 335,000
Ami Barer ca
Ami Barer
ca 917,000 167,000
Erik Seidel us
Erik Seidel
us 828,000 38,000
Andreas Lodemel NO
Andreas Lodemel
NO 800,000 100,000
Jake Balsiger us
Jake Balsiger
us 588,000 -312,000
John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 568,000 18,000
Marco Ng AU
Marco Ng
AU 515,000 15,000
David Stanton au
David Stanton
au 502,000 242,000
Uros Brkic AU
Uros Brkic
AU 492,000 -88,000
Heinz Kamutzki de
Heinz Kamutzki
de 413,000 -257,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 399,000 137,000
Rahul Rastogi au
Rahul Rastogi
au 375,000 -115,000
Vincent Rubianes US
Vincent Rubianes
US 372,000 32,000
Florian Bussmann DE
Florian Bussmann
DE 356,000 -144,000
Lior Segre au
Lior Segre
au 352,000 152,000
Jeff Rossiter au
Jeff Rossiter
au 349,000 -1,000
Craig McCorkell gb
Craig McCorkell
gb 344,000 84,000
Raymond Wu cn
Raymond Wu
cn 339,000 -311,000

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Dwyer Eliminated in 37th Place To Close the Day

[user68268] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Gareth Dwyer
Gareth Dwyer

With the board reading {K-Clubs}{J-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, Gareth Dwyer and Salvatore Fazzino found all of the money in the middle. Dwyer had flopped bottom set of fours with the {4-Spades}{4-Clubs}, but Fazzino had flopped a higher set with the {J-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}.

The river completed the board with the {3-Hearts}, and that sealed the deal. Fazzino had won the hand and eliminated Dwyer in 37th place.

Salvatore Fazzino au
Salvatore Fazzino
au 1,540,000 920,000
Gareth Dwyer
Gareth Dwyer

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Kings vs. Queens

[user153638] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Raymond Wu opened for 25,000 and was met by an all-in three-bet to 246,000 from Marco Ng in the cutoff. The button and both blinds folded, and then Wu made the call.

Ng: {k-Hearts}{k-Spades}
Wu: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}

It was a cooler for Wu, but Ng was nervous nonetheless as the at-risk player. Ng's nerves were settled when the {2-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds} flop delivered him a set, and he celebrated with a fist pump when the {4-Clubs} river guaranteed him the double. The meaningless {7-Hearts} was run out on the river for good measure and Ng was shipped the double.

Raymond Wu cn
Raymond Wu
cn 650,000 -200,000
Marco Ng AU
Marco Ng
AU 500,000 200,000

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Juanda Can't Wait to be King

[user101598] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

After a few preflop raises, John Juanda was just all in and at risk with {a-Spades}{k-Hearts}. His opponent, Jae Kyung "Simba" Sim, was crushed with {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}, and the dominant hand held as the flop, turn, and river came {10-Clubs}{7-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{3-Spades}.

Juanda doubled to 550,000 chips, while Sim slipped to 55,000.

John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 550,000 255,000
Jae Kyung Sim kr
Jae Kyung Sim
kr 55,000 -175,000

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Gao Doubles

[user101598] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Salvatore Fazzino opened to 23,000 in late position, Jie Gao moved all in for 116,000 out of the small blind, and Fazzino called.

Fazzino: {k-Clubs}{7-Clubs}
Gao: {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}

Gao's wired pair held up as the board ran out {2-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{a-Hearts}{10-Hearts}, and he doubled to 240,000 chips. Fazzino fell to 620,000.

Salvatore Fazzino au
Salvatore Fazzino
au 620,000 -30,000
Jie Gao ca
Jie Gao
ca 240,000 98,000

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Stavropoulos Can't Win the Race

[user153638] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Local player Aristomenis "Manny" Stavropoulos got his last 200,000 or so all in preflop holding the {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades} and was racing against the {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds} of Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel. A crowd gathered round to watch the action, and the local contingent was disappointed to see their man fall after the board ran out {4-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{5-Clubs}{7-Clubs}.

Jonathan Duhamel ca
Jonathan Duhamel
ca 600,000 250,000
Aristomenis Stavropoulos
Aristomenis Stavropoulos

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Cornell KO'd

[user101598] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

There was an all in and call at the table right in front of the PokerNews desk moments ago, and when we hopped to our feet the board was already completed {10-Spades}{3-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}. Tyler Cornell's {k-Clubs}{k-} was getting pulled into the muck and he was getting up from the table, and Tam Truong had {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} open in front of him.

Troung's full house eliminated Cornell, and he chipped up to 960,000.

Tam Truong au
Tam Truong
au 960,000 605,000
Tyler Cornell us
Tyler Cornell
us Eliminat

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Aussie Millions 2014: Antonio Esfandiari & Jason Mercier Discuss Donnie Peters' $5,000 Freeroll

[user153638] • Nivel 19: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Just after making the money in the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event, Antonio Esfandiari and Jason Mercier discuss the $5,000 free roll they gave PokerNews Editor-in-Chief Donnie Peters not to cut his hair.

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