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EPT Prague Will Crown a New Winner

Webjoker • Nivel 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Martin Finger

Martin Finger has busted the last hand before the break. Former tablemate Van Opzeeland told the story of Finger running {K-}{J-} into a set on {Q-}{10-}{5-}. The up and down straight draw didn't materialize for the Season's 8 winner which made his twenty minute break into a break as long as he wanted it to be.

With the departure of Finger and Jelassi's bust out earlier today, there are now no more former EPT Prague winners in the field. David Boyaciyan, who made the final table here the last two years finishing second in season eight and third in season nine, is still in the running though.

SeasonEPT Prague WinnerPrizeBusted
4Arnaud Mattern€774,000didn't play
5Salvatore Bonavena€682,000on Day 1
6Jan Skampa€682,000didn't play
7Roberto Romanello€640,000on Day 1
8Martin Finger€720,000on Day 2
9Ramzi Jelassi€835,000on Day 2
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Martin Finger
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