2013 PokerStars.com EPT Barcelona

€5,300 Main Event
Zilele: 1b

Four-Bet Ship From Kuo

Nivel 3 : 100-200, 0 ante

We picked up with the action on a flop of {6-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{10-Hearts} to see Kitty Kuo heads up with Anthony Mowad. Mowad fired 1,600 and Kuo came over the top with a raise to what looked to be 3,800. Mowad called the raise but in doing so tossed out four red T1,000 chips on top of his bet. This was more chips than Kuo's raise and Kuo insisted that the move must be a raise. The floor was called and they agreed, ruling a raise to 6,000.

The very moment that the raise was made valid, Kuo snap-shoved her entire stack all in for a four-bet raise to 22,475. Mowad tanked for quite some time.

"Would you should me your hand?" he asked.

Kuo merely shook her head to signify a no.

He mucked his hand - the {J-Diamonds}{J-Hearts} - face up, and watched as Kuo scooped up the pot. This win boosted Kuo's stack up to about 31,000.

Jucător Fise Progres
Kitty Kuo tw
Kitty Kuo
31,000 1,000

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