2014 PokerStars.fr EPT Deauville

€10,300 High Roller
Zilele: 3

Kitai Pressure

Nivel 20 : 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Davidi Kitai
Davidi Kitai

Davidi Kitai seems to be the player driving the action at this final table so far with his desire to open pots and apply pressure to the other players. He has increased his stack in just over an hour from a start of 733,000 to 914,000.

Kitai opened on the button for 34,000 and Dominik Pańka called from the big blind. The two players saw a flop of {3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{9-Spades}. Pańka checked and Kitai continued for 28,000. Pańka made the call and they saw a turn card {k-Clubs}. Check again from Pańka and another bet of 28,000 which Pańka again called. The river was the {6-Clubs}. A final check from Pańka and Kitai made it 83,000. A few minutes thought from Pańka during which he sat absolutely still before deciding to fold.

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