2014 PokerStars.fr EPT Deauville

€5,300 Main Event
Zilele: 1a
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2014 PokerStars.fr EPT Deauville

Rezultate finale
Mâna câştigătoare
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60,000 / 120,000

Carlino Crazy and Happy

Nivel 1 : 50/100, 0 ante

Joseph Carlino from France is entertaining a tough table with his optimistic outlook on life and cards. He had just made a bluff on a king high board into the original raiser Paul Senter, a UK PokerStars player, who thought briefly and made the call with {8-}{8-}. It was good against the {A-} high of Carlino. “Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.” he explained to the table including David Vamplew and Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador Dermot Blain. “But it’s important to be happy.”

Blain decided to test that theory on the next hand with an open to 250 from the cut off. Carino decided to muck but Senter made the call from the big blind. A flop of {k-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{a-Spades} prompted a check from Senter and a continuation bet of 300 from Blain. Senter called and they checked the next two streets, the turn {a-Diamonds} and river {8-Spades}. Senter showed the {k-Diamonds} which was enough to win and Blain turned over {8-Hearts}{4-Hearts} to show Carlino that he was not averse to a bit of action himself. Carlinio nodded his approval.

Carlino decided to open for 250 from the cut off himself and faced resistance from Vamplew in the big blind. “See what happens.” The Scot said and checked a flop of {q-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}. A 525 bet from Carlino took the pot leading Vamplew to say “See? Easy.” and fold. The Frenchman then showed {8-Diamonds} leading to a brief discussion on the table about the unseen other card with Carlino insisting “I’m crazy.” Crazy and happy, he is certainly enjoying the game and livening up the table.

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