2014 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final

€100,000 Super High Roller
Zilele: 2
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2014 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final

Rezultate finale
Mâna câştigătoare
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Fond de premiere
Informaţii Nivel
80,000 / 160,000

Two Big Hands from Before the Break

Nivel 10 : 4,000/8,000, 1,000 ante
Timothy Adams
Timothy Adams

In the closing minutes of Level 10, there were to big hands that took place. Have a look.

Hand #1: A short-stacked Timothy Adams moved all in for 96,000 under the gun and Mike Watson, who was seated to his direct left, made the call. The rest of the players folded and the cards were turned up.

Adams: {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
Watson: {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}

It was a bad spot for Adams, but the {4-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{8-Clubs} flop gave him a lot of hope as he paired his ten and picked up a flush draw. Some in poker would say it was "too many outs" to hit, and indeed that proved the case as the {7-Diamonds} blanked on the turn followed by the {J-Hearts} on the river. Adams, who took fourth in this very event last year for €485,100, was eliminated from the tournament.

Hand #2: Fabian Quoss opened from the button only to have Alec Torelli three-bet to 54,000 from the small blind. The big folded, Quoss moved all in for 312,000, and Torelli wasted little time in making the call.

Quoss: {8-Spades}{8-Clubs}
Torelli: {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs}

It was a flip, and the proverbial coin came down in favor of Quoss after the board ran out a dry {7-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{5-Spades}{3-Hearts}{5-Clubs}.

Jucător Fise Progres
Fabian Quoss de
Fabian Quoss
630,000 475,000
Mike Watson ca
Mike Watson
435,000 105,000
EPT 2X Winner
Alec Torelli us
Alec Torelli
165,000 -470,000
Timothy Adams ca
Timothy Adams

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