€4,900 Main Event

Bust Out!

Webjoker • Nivel 2: 75-150, 0 ante

Blazej Przygorzewski from Poland is the first player to leave this tournament empty handed.

According to Mathew Frankland he busted with queens versus ace king. The player under the gun had raised it up to 300 and received a call from Michael Gathy. Przygorzewski squeezed from the button to 1,400 and the initial raiser just shoved all in for about 40,000. Gathy got out of the way, but called all in for his remaining 15,000.

The ace king got there, Przygorzewski's queens hit the muck as the Polish player made his way to the exit.

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Blazej Przygorzewski
Blazej Przygorzewski

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