2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

$25,000 High Roller
Zilele: 3
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2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Rezultate finale
Mâna câştigătoare
Event Info
Informaţii Nivel
40,000 / 80,000

Schindler Striking First

Nivel 27 : 40,000/80,000, 10,000 ante
Heads-up play
Heads-up play

Jake Schindler has extended his lead a bit in the early hands of this heads-up match with 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Greg Merson.

On one hand, Schindler limped the button, and Merson checked his option in the big blind. The flop came down {A-Spades}{J-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}, and Merson check-called a bet of 100,000 from Schindler. The {5-Spades} landed on the turn, and Merson checked. Schindler bet 350,000, and Merson folded.

After that, a hand came up where Merson raised to 200,000 on the button, and Schindler called from the big blind to see the flop come down {10-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{5-Hearts}. Schindler checked, and Merson bet 225,000. Schindler called.

The turn was the {K-Spades}, and Schindler checked again. Merson fired 350,000 this time, and Schindler stuck around with another call.

The river completed the board with the {A-Hearts}, and Schindler checked. Merson fired 450,000, but Schindler had other things in mind. He check-raised to 1.8 million, and Merson quickly folded.

Jucător Fise Progres
Jake Schindler us
Jake Schindler
8,230,000 1,330,000
Greg Merson us
Greg Merson
3,600,000 -1,330,000

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