2017 PokerStars Championship Barcelona

Main Event
Zilele: 6

Hands #16-18: Aces for Siddique

Nivel 33 : 125,000-250,000, 25,000 ante
Usman Siddique
Usman Siddique

Hand #16: Raffaele Sorrentino completed the blind with {9-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}. Lachezar Petkov checked his option with {j-Spades}{9-Clubs}. Sorrentino came out betting with 275,000 on {5-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}{6-Hearts} and took it down.

Hand #17: Brian Kaufman opened for 525,000 with {k-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}. Petkov called in the small blind with {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs} and they saw a {4-Spades}{j-Diamonds}{7-Spades} flop heads up. Both checked and Petkov bet out 650,000, and Kaufman called when the {2-Hearts} hit. The river was an {a-Clubs} and Petkov checked. Kaufman bet 900,000.

After some tanking, Petkov called and won the pot.

Hand #18: Sorrentino opened in the cutoff with a hand that contained the {2-Diamonds}. Usman Siddique was dealt {a-Spades}{a-Hearts} in the big blind and called. The flop came {k-Spades}{j-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} and Siddique checked. Sorrentino bet 425,000 and Siddique called. Both checked the {a-Diamonds} and the river was a {3-Diamonds}. Siddique bet 550,000 and Sorrentino called, revealing the {a-Clubs} at showdown.

Jucător Fise Progres
Lachezar Plamenov Petkov bg
Lachezar Plamenov Petkov
10,325,000 1,625,000
Raffaele Sorrentino it
Raffaele Sorrentino
10,100,000 -1,175,000
Day 5 Chip Leader
Brian Kaufman Esposito uy
Brian Kaufman Esposito
6,175,000 -2,675,000
Usman Siddique gb
Usman Siddique
4,500,000 1,700,000

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