2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship

2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship
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2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship

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Event Info
Fond de premiere
Informaţii Nivel
400,000 / 800,000
Informaţii Jucători - Ziua 3
Jucători rămaşi

Zerjav Keeps Firing

Nivel 15 : Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

Blaz Zerjav raised to 12,000 from early position and found a call from Ignacio Moron in the big blind.

Moron checked the {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}{7-Clubs} flop and called when Zerjav continued for 13,000. Moron tapped the table again after the {6-Diamonds} turn, where Zerjav sized up to 32,000. Moron took some time before making the call to see the {6-Clubs} river.

Another check from Moron saw Zerjav move all-in for his remaining stack of 127,000 chips. Moron found the fold, as Zerjav continued his good start to the day.

Jucător Fise Progres
Ignacio Moron mx
Ignacio Moron
452,000 -42,000
Blaz Zerjav si
Blaz Zerjav
154,500 69,500

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Brutal Beat Busts Heath

Nivel 15 : Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante
Benjamin Heath
Benjamin Heath

Rayan Chamas opened to 12,000 from under the gun and Ben Heath called on his immediate left. Action folded to Sean Winter, who was in the small blind. He three-bet to 54,000 and Chamas folded. Heath then jammed for 108,000 total and Winter called.

Ben Heath: {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}
Sean Winter: {q-Spades}{q-Clubs}

Heath was in great shape to get an early double up but the {q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{6-Hearts} flop put Winter in the lead with a set of queens.

The {k-Spades}{k-Clubs} runout filled Winter up and Heath was a notable early exit on Day 3.

Jucător Fise Progres
Sean Winter us
Sean Winter
570,000 132,000
Rayan Chamas ca
Rayan Chamas
500,000 5,000
Ben Heath gb
Ben Heath

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Quick Guide to PokerStars Home Games; It Takes Just Five Easy Steps!

Nivel 15 : Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

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Irimia Turns a Set

Nivel 15 : Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

Anton Wigg raised to 13,000 from early position with {a-Spades}{2-Spades} and Platinum Pass winner Marius Irimia defended his big blind with {6-Spades}{6-Hearts}.

Irimia checked the {j-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop and Wigg continued for 11,000, which was called to the {k-Clubs} turn. Both players checked through to the {6-Diamonds} river.

Irimia improved to a set of sixes and checked to Wigg, who quickly checked back. Irimia showed the winning hand and took down an early pot.

Jucător Fise Progres
Marius Irimia ro
Marius Irimia
312,000 27,000
Anton Wigg se
Anton Wigg
119,000 -24,000

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"Sometimes You Get Lucky"

Nivel 15 : Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

Krasimir Yankov opened to 14,000 from early position and Weiran Pu three-bet jammed a stack of 70,000 from the cutoff. Istvan Fabian was down to a short stack and called for less from the big blind before Yankov folded.

Istvan Fabian: {5-Spades}{2-Hearts}
Weiran Pu: {a-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

Fabian's exit looked imminent as the board came down {k-Hearts}{3-Spades}{7-Hearts}{q-Spades}, but the {2-Spades} then landed on the river to pair his deuce and keep him in the tournament.

"He was waiting for that hand all tournament!" laughed Marcello Del Grosso.

"Sometimes you get lucky," commented Matthew Hunt.

Jucător Fise Progres
Krasimir Yankov bg
Krasimir Yankov
990,000 -12,000
Badge Title
Fabian Istvan ES
Fabian Istvan
75,000 -44,000
Weiran Pu cn
Weiran Pu
39,000 -31,000

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Nivel: 15

Blinduri: 3,000/6,000

Ante: 6,000

Money Bubble Looms to Begin Day 3 of the PokerStars Players Championship

Krasimir Yankov
Krasimir Yankov

Excitement and nervous energy will fill the room at the beautiful Baha Mar Resort in The Bahamas for Day 3 of the 2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship.

Krasimir Yankov leads the way as the only seven-figure chip stack heading into the third day of action. The Bulgarian poker pro is followed followed closely by Philipe Pizzari at the top of the leaderboard, while Jeremy Ausmus, Dylan Destefano and Day 1 chip leader Chris Moorman round out the top five.

The returning field of 255 players have bagged a stack and remain in contention for glory, but one big hurdle is expected to come early in the day. The money bubble will see the top 175 earn at least $35,100, while the eventual top six places pay over $1,000,000 each. A grand total of $24,843,000 will be handed out over the next three days, with the champion earning $4,053,200 along with the coveted PSPC title.

Top 10 Chip Counts Entering Day 3

 1Krasimir YankovBulgaria1,002,000167
 2Philipe PizzariBrazil965,000161
 3Jeremy AusmusUnited States791,000132
 4Dylan DestefanoUnited States696,000116
 5Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom685,000114
 6Justin LibertoUnited States658,000110
 7Tommy NguyenCanada642,000107
 8Ignacio GonzalezSpain610,000102
 9Renato MinicuciItaly585,00098
 10Christian DresslerGermany562,00094

Among the names still in pursuit are PokerStars ambassadors Sam Grafton, Arlie Shaban and Alejandro Lococo. Shaban is the shortest of the three but still carries more than 40 big blinds into Day 3.

Other familiar faces with their sights set on a big score include 2023 PCA Main Event champion Michel Dattani along with WSOP Main Event champs Chris Moneymaker, Martin Jacobson and Espen Jorstad.

Many eyes will also be on the remaining PokerStars Platinum Pass winners in the field looking to keep their runs going all the way to a massive payday, such as Ignacio Gonzalez and Renato Minicuci who sit in the top 10 on the leaderboard. Others include Amel Husnic, Victor Vargas, Bastian Hess and Glen Craigen.

2023 PSPC Payouts

PlacePayout (USD)PlacePayout (USD)PlacePayout (USD)

Day 3 will kick off at 12 p.m. local time on Level 15 with blinds of 3,000/6,000 and a 6,000 big blind ante. The day is expected to include eight levels of play, subject to change based on the pace of play. All levels remain 60 minutes in length, with a scheduled 20-minute break after every two levels.

Be sure to tune in here to follow the PokerNews live reporting team for up-to-date action throughout the event as we get closer to crowning a new PSPC champion in The Bahamas.

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2023 PSPC Main Event: Day 3 Seat Draw

TableSeatNameCountryChip CountBig Blinds
11Adrien SzydlowskiFrance108,00018
12Shannon ShorrUnited States340,00057
13Christian DresslerGermany562,00094
14Sebastian HuberAustria93,00016
15Elias GutierrezSpain100,00017
16Alexander FarahiUnited States416,00069
17Nikolai TulinRussia340,00057
18Adrian Vinuela GarciaSpain145,00024
21Georgios VrakasGreece100,00017
22Richard SeymourUnited States251,00042
23Quentin CoueffeFrance121,00020
24Miguel MartinezSpain130,00022
25Shiva DudaniUnited States170,00028
26Gonzalo LealSpain247,00041
27James MendozaUnited States323,00054
28Oliver BlancoUnited Kingdom268,00045
31Michael ChiappettaUnited States122,00020
32Paulina LoeligerUnited States334,00056
33Georgi SandevBulgaria155,00026
34Guillermo GordoSpain111,00019
35Dario SammartinoItaly324,00054
36Francesc SubiradaSpain168,00028
37Raul CarrilloSpain335,00056
38Robert CowenUnited Kingdom326,00054
41Lucas Silva RochaBrazil299,00050
42Griffin BengerCanada113,00019
43John KrpanCanada260,00043
44Benjamin DieboldUnited States50,0008
45Josep Pastor De RamonSpain199,00033
46Ricardo de la RosaSpain300,00050
47Roberto RomanelloUnited Kingdom165,00028
48Matt BerkeyUnited States92,00015
51Oscar GironellaSpain266,00044
52Jonathan RandUnited States66,00011
53Clement EloyFrance163,00027
54Kenny HallaertBelgium81,00014
55Jerome MoreauFrance80,00013
56David PetersUnited States115,00019
57Nicolas BetbeseArgentina205,00034
58Alejandro RoaSpain255,00043
61Ignacio MoronSpain494,00082
62Alexander HerrmannGermany83,00014
63Padraig O'NeillIreland80,00013
64Blaz ZerjavSlovenia85,00014
65Tom KunzeGermany476,00079
66Aram OganyanUnited States297,00050
67Omri MogaCanada93,00016
68Jonathan JaffeUnited States429,00072
71Jake SchwartzUnited States75,00013
72Sergio Carro MarinSpain168,00028
73Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom685,000114
74Mats RosenSweden146,00024
75Leon SturmGermany77,00013
76Diego CuellarPeru138,00023
77Sergio AidoSpain357,00060
78Alejandro LococoArgentina473,00079
81Andrei BogheanRomania467,00078
82Luis FariaPortugal140,00023
83Joni JouhkimainenFinland257,00043
84Kitty KuoTaiwan272,00045
85Laszlo BujtasHungary284,00047
86Connor RashUnited States334,00056
87Tom ParsonsUnited Kingdom228,00038
88Chance KornuthUnited States337,00056
91Nacho BarberoArgentina340,00057
92Justin ZakiUnited States185,00031
93Noah SchwartzUnited States242,00040
94Pedro GaragnaniBrazil394,00066
95Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom377,00063
96Marius IrimiaRomania285,00048
97Anton WiggSweden143,00024
98Mehdi ViolleauFrance270,00045
101Marcello Del GrossoItaly210,00035
102Krasimir YankovBulgaria1,002,000167
103Elia AhmadianUnited States166,00028
104Weiran PuChina70,00012
105Niclas ThummGermany324,00054
106Matthew HuntUnited States186,00031
107Istvan FabianSpain119,00020
108Julien PerouseFrance121,00020
111Christopher RobinsonCanada59,00010
113Yannick SchumacherGermany169,00028
114Eric AfriatCanada48,0008
115Zhi Yi NingThailand271,00045
116Amel HusnicBosnia and Herzegovina481,00080
117Luis Garcia MorenoSpain98,00016
118Christoph WalkenhorstGermany226,00038
121Eduardo LopesBrazil251,00042
122Asher ConniffUnited States278,00046
123Chris MoneymakerUnited States404,00067
124Martin JacobsonSweden229,00038
125Armin RezaeiAustria67,00011
126Cosme Gomez MartinezSpain131,00022
127Andrew MorenoUnited States283,00047
128Alex KulevBulgaria144,00024
131Luca VenturiniItaly220,00037
132Eric WorreUnited States67,00011
133Christoph CsikUnited States213,00036
134Martin ZamaniUnited States313,00052
135Alexandre VuilleumierSwitzerland97,00016
136Daniel StancerUnited Kingdom24,0004
137Allan MelloBrazil138,00023
138Roberto PerezSpain98,00016
141Kalidou SowFrance70,00012
142Aliaksandr ShylkoBelarus450,00075
143Luis FonsecaPortugal106,00018
144Jonathan BussieresCanada178,00030
145Scott BaumsteinUnited States92,00015
146Aurelie ReardFrance163,00027
147Porfirio NavarroSpain103,00017
148James TolbertSpain178,00030
151Fedor HolzGermany421,00070
152Dan SmithUnited States52,0009
153Rakesh RamdialUnited States66,00011
154Maxime PetitprezFrance390,00065
155Ignacio GonzalezSpain610,000102
156Jiachen GongCanada394,00066
157Fabiano KovalskiBrazil251,00042
158Christopher DayUnited Kingdom286,00048
161Christopher PuetzGermany495,00083
162Maxi LehmanskiGermany104,00017
163Eliseo PascualSpain159,00027
164Chris LeeUnited States136,00023
165Dovid LakeinUnited States181,00030
166Felipe BoianovskyBrazil379,00063
167Lucas PignayFrance322,00054
168Esteban MaquillonSpain318,00053
171Dominik NitscheGermany448,00075
172Philipp GruissemGermany81,00014
173Richard BelcastroCanada46,0008
174Rodrigo SeijiBrazil124,00021
175Blake BohnUnited States554,00092
176Fabio BonattoBrazil384,00064
177Conor BeresfordUnited Kingdom336,00056
178Michael GoodmanCanada88,00015
181Michael RoccoUnited States139,00023
182Niklas WarlichGermany159,00027
183Petar KalevBulgaria260,00043
184Tommy NguyenCanada642,000107
185Timothy AdamsCanada194,00032
186John OrlowskiUnited States304,00051
187Pedro MarquesPortugal125,00021
188Marius KudzmanasLithuania76,00013
191Andrew ChenCanada119,00020
192Rayan ChamasCanada495,00083
193Ben HeathUnited Kingdom107,00018
194Chris OliverUnited States310,00052
195Colton BlombergUnited States292,00049
196Jose EspinaSpain97,00016
197Sean WinterUnited States438,00073
198Glen CraigenCanada141,00024
201Ori HassonIsrael163,00027
202Miguel PosadasSpain232,00039
203William MicalUnited States62,00010
204Norbert SzecsiHungary350,00058
205Diego VenturaPeru267,00045
206Rui BouquetPortugal84,00014
207Nadya MagnusUnited States273,00046
208Nikolay MourzikovCanada266,00044
211Sammy LafleurCanada236,00039
212Sergio FernandezSpain264,00044
213Fabian GumzGermany262,00044
214Julien SitbonFrance314,00052
215Istvan PilhoferHungary231,00039
216Sami KelopuroFinland219,00037
217Franco SpitaleArgentina272,00045
218Max MenzelGermany197,00033
221Emil HolmstenSweden399,00067
222Mauricio Ferreira PaisGermany332,00055
223Bastian HessGermany451,00075
224Alejandro HerreraSpain153,00026
225Byron KavermanUnited States127,00021
226Zsolt VassHungary119,00020
227John HowlettIreland421,00070
228Soraya EstradaSpain359,00060
231Adi RajkovicAustria95,00016
232Dinesh AltSwitzerland338,00056
233Patrick QuinnCanada188,00031
234Carlos Gurdiel RoblesSpain330,00055
235John KniskaUnited States101,00017
236Justin SalibaUnited States155,00026
237Alfie PoetraUnited States99,00017
238Johannes StraverNetherlands182,00030
241Josh AriehUnited States210,00035
242Rob MarianoUnited States119,00020
243Quentin Krug-BasseFrance106,00018
244Ignacio HernandezSpain208,00035
245Yigit AksoyTurkey39,0007
246Rafael CarchanoSpain184,00031
247Turbo NguyenUnited States81,00014
248Adrian ChabbiSpain163,00027
251Daniel DvoressCanada400,00067
252Carlos AlvaradoUnited States106,00018
253Mustapha KanitItaly262,00044
254George ChiriacRomania170,00028
255Lander LijoSpain67,00011
256Matthias AuerAustria192,00032
257Arlie ShabanCanada259,00043
258Thomas EychenneFrance410,00068
261Victor VargasArgentina458,00076
262Javier Rodriguez GonzalezSpain61,00010
263Leo MargetsSpain88,00015
264Aaron DuczakCanada131,00022
265Ema ZajmovicBosnia and Herzegovina66,00011
266Thiago CremaBrazil127,00021
267Renato MinicuciItaly585,00098
268Will FaillaUnited States205,00034
271Brett BaderUnited States259,00043
272Stephane JoryFrance87,00015
273Alberto MeranDominican Republic79,00013
274Tony TranVietnam196,00033
275Jorge AlberdiSpain344,00057
276Bastien HazouardFrance272,00045
277Philipe PizzariBrazil965,000161
278Elizabeth Bennett-MartinCanada72,00012
281Talal ShakerchiUnited Kingdom559,00093
282Davidi KitaiBelgium197,00033
283Ezequiel WaigelArgentina286,00048
284Nathan ZimnikUnited States125,00021
285James RannUnited Kingdom243,00041
286Noah BoekenNetherlands215,00036
287Sebastien AubeCanada142,00024
288Espen JorstadNorway38,0006
291Iosif SpulberUnited Kingdom295,00049
292Imad MoumenFrance137,00023
293Lawrence BrandtUnited States155,00026
294Dan TaiebFrance62,00010
295Rory JenningsUnited Kingdom138,00023
296Cristian VaqueiroSpain70,00012
297Andre MarquesPortugal322,00054
298Joris RuijsNetherlands354,00059
301Kevin EysterUnited States205,00034
302Frederic NormandCanada163,00027
303Cam KieuFrance67,00011
304Veronica CanedaSpain153,00026
305Hugo RodillaSpain334,00056
306Jonathan BorensteinUnited States173,00029
307Dimitrios BarmpathanasisGreece153,00026
308Justin LibertoUnited States658,000110
311Rafael EltzBrazil93,00016
312Michel DattaniPortugal258,00043
313Abel LasobrasSpain170,00028
314Rafael RomeroSpain25,0004
315Michael GathyBelgium331,00055
316Romain LewisFrance333,00056
317David ShallowUnited Kingdom246,00041
318Javier ZarcoSpain318,00053
321Joep van den BijgaartNetherlands316,00053
322Ramon LampertSwitzerland368,00061
323Mason PyeUnited Kingdom333,00056
324Bruno VolkmannBrazil206,00034
325Dylan DestefanoUnited States686,000114
326Omar Del PinoSpain248,00041
327Jeremy AusmusUnited States791,000132
328Kou VangUnited States117,00020

2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship

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