Main Event

Let's Find That Final Table


It's not really hard to find either, the players are already known. It's just that there's 30 of them, while the final table will consist of 6 players. Today will most likely be a long day, and PokerNews will again be your primary source of information, with all the big hands, the set ups, the coolers, the brilliantly played hands, and the dusted off stacks.

Antonio Buonanno is leading right now with 1,175,000 in chips. Not even that close on his heels are Serdar Sağlam (800,000), Christner (721,000), Alexander Lakhov (641,000), [Removed:2] (628,000), Oliver Price (626,000) and Toby Lewis (617,000). A lot of familiar names still left in the tournament, who can get to that big final table.

$310,000 awaits the winner, but that cheque (and accompanying trophy and $15,400 WPT World Championships ticket) will be awarded tomorrow. The fourth day starts in an hour, so check back soon!

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