Event #2: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Durrrr Doubles Through Hansen

• Nivel 11: 10,000-20,000, 0 ante

After Gus Hansen limped in, Tom Dwan shoved his entire stack into the middle and Hansen went into the tank. After a few minutes of deliberation, Hansen decided to call and told Dwan "I know it's the second best hand, but..." before showing his {10-Spades}{9-Spades}. Durrrr showed the {A-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and the players saw a flop of {6-Hearts}{A-Spades}{K-Clubs}, which left Hansen trailing badly. The {A-Clubs} on the turn assured Dwan of a double up and a meaningless {9-Diamonds} fell on the river. Dwan now has nearly 600,000 on the table, but Hansen still has both 200,000 add-ons at his disposal.

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