2011 World Series of Poker

Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed
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2011 World Series of Poker

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Event #29: $2,500 10-Game Mix / Six Handed

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Three to Get Ready...

Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb

Well, good afternoon.

It's Day 19 of the 2011 WSOP, and it's Day 3 of our Event #29. It's the first-ever 10-Game Mix event, and the $2,500 price tag attracted a robust field of 431 players to the tables on Thursday. Eighteen levels into the event, the field is thinning at 19, and Shaun Deeb sits perched atop the pack with nearly twice the average chips. There has been a bit of a running joke about Deeb this summer, who's been the Day 1 chip leader in more events than anyone else. He's racked up four cashes thus far. They've all been small, though, and Deeb's career record is still conspicuously missing a WSOP final table.

Today could well be the day he erases that mark, but there's still plenty of work to be done to pick through this small and skilled surviving field. Among the others still in contention are Jason Stern, David Benefield, Tad Jurgens, Roland Isra, Daniel Makowsky, John D'Agostino, Matt Vengrin, and Brian Powell. The latter was a big stack heading into Day 2, but he comes into Day 3 dangerously short with just a couple big bets.

We're set for a 4:00 restart time, and that means a later-than-normal night. Still, we've got ten levels to try and play this thing out, and crowning a champion in the next 12 hours is within the realm of possibility. We'll have to wait and see, though; the restart is just about 30 minutes away.

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Day 3 Seat Draw & Chip Counts

TableSeatNameCountryChip Count
2791Don McNamaraUnited States156,000
2792Kevin ChanceUnited States123,700
2793Travis PearsonUnited States258,100
2794Chris LeeUnited States113,200
2795Tad JurgensUnited States161,000
2852Shaun DeebUnited States321,700
2854David BenefieldUnited States211,300
2855Septi PopescuCanada217,300
2856John D'AgostinoUnited States124,600
2911Brian HavesonUnited States288,000
2912Kendall FukumotoUnited States72,000
2913David WhitisUnited States258,700
2914Roland IsraelashviliUnited States149,00
2916Matthew VengrinUnited States110,300
2971Brian PowellUnited States36,600
2972Jason SternUnited States220,000
2973Scott BohlmanUnited States136,200
2975Daniel MakowskyUnited States141,200
2976Joshua WeilandUnited States141,100

Nivel: 19

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Deeb Presses Benefield

Nivel 19


We picked up the action on fourth street as Shaun Deeb was check-calling a bet, heads-up with David Benefield.

Deeb: (x-x) / {4-}{7-}{a-}{j-} / (x)
Benefield: (x-x) / {9-}{3-}{6-}{q-} / (x)

After doing so on fourth street, Deeb check-called another bet on fifth. On sixth, both men checked, and Deeb checked one last time on seventh. Benefield made the big bet of 12,000, and Deeb snuck in a check-raise to 24,000. Benefield sunk a little bit, and he made the crying call.

Deeb rolled over {2-}{3-}{10-} for the seven-low, and it was good. He's up early here, stretching his chip lead as he stacks up about 365,000.

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Brian Powell Eliminated in 19th Place ($8,197)

Nivel 19
Brian Powell - 19th Place
Brian Powell - 19th Place


Joshua Weiland: {6-}{2-} / {7-}{5-}{4-}{8-}{5-} / {3-}
Brian Powell: {x-}{x-} / {a-}{9-}{3-}{3-}{j-} / {x-} MUCKED

Scott Bohlman brought in with a {10-} showing and the action folded to Weiland who completed. Powell raised and Jason Stern reraised, but Bohlman folded before Weiland four-bet it.

Powell and Stern called, but after Stern paired his sixes on fourth street, he got out of the way after Powell raised all-in after Weiland opened. Powell called, but couldn't even get close to Weiland's {6-}{5-}{4-}{3-}{2-}.

Powell is now $8,197 richer as a result of his 19th place finish. From here, everyone remaining in the field is guaranteed a five-figure sum!

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Nivel 19
2791Brian Haveson
2792David Whitis
2793Don McNamara
2794Septi Popescu
2795Chris Lee
2796Roland Isra
2851Scott Bohlman
2852Jason Stern
2853Tad Jurgens
2854Josh Weiland
2855Matt Vengrin
2856Travis Pearson
2911Kevin Chance
2912Daniel Makowsky
2913Kendall Fukumoto
2914Shaun Deeb
2915David Benefield
2916John D'Agostino

New Game, Same Story

Nivel 19

The game is 2-7 Triple Draw now, and just after we walked down from writing the draw, we saw Shaun Deeb stacking another pot. He's skyrocketed up to 412,000 now, trending nearly +100,000 chips here in the early going.

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