2011 World Series of Poker

Event #34: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em
Zilele: 3
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2011 World Series of Poker

Rezultate finale
Mâna câştigătoare
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Fond de premiere
Informaţii Nivel
50,000 / 100,000

Clancy Doubles Back

Jonathan Clancy
Jonathan Clancy

Trevor Vanderveen raised to 150,000 on the button and Jonathan Clancy moved all in for 375,000 from the small blind. Vanderveen made the call and the players revealed their hands.

Clancy: {A-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}
Vanderveen: {A-Clubs}{6-Spades}

Clancy was ahead and in dominant position and held on for the double up when the board ran out {Q-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{4-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. Clancy’s rail went wild as he won the pot and they have certainly taken over as the loudest rail remaining since Volpe was eliminated. They are currently yelling about NBA players.

Jucător Fise Progres
Trevor Vanderveen
Trevor Vanderveen
1,300,000 -330,000
Jonathan Clancy
Jonathan Clancy
810,000 435,000

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Rudnik Doubles

Nivel 28 : 30,000/60,000, 10,000 ante
Andrew Rudnik Doubles Up
Andrew Rudnik Doubles Up

From under the gun, Jonathan Clancy raised to 155,000. Andrew Rudnik was next to act. He motioned with his hands that he was all in and quietly announced it to the dealer. Action quickly folded back around the Clancy who had chips ready to dump into the pot.

Rudnik: {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}
Clancy: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}

For a more than 2.4 million chip pot we went racing. The flop helped Rudnik immediately when it came down {a-Spades}{3-Clubs}{2-Spades}. Without running wheel cards to split, Rudnik just needed to avoid the last two Queens in the deck. The turn was the {a-Clubs} which gave Rudnik trips but changed nothing. The river was a heart-stopping {k-Clubs} but was a brick nonetheless.

With that pot, Rudnik is second in chips with 2.41 million while Clancy falls to 375,000.

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The Swimmer

Nivel 28 : 30,000/60,000, 10,000 ante
Justin Cohen Looks at his Cards
Justin Cohen Looks at his Cards

Everyone has their own way that they like to look at their cards. Some peel one at a time, others look at them with protection from their chips. Sometimes you'll even see people illegally take them off the table or put them perpendicular and slide out the card from behind without much protection at all. But all in all, people usually look at their cards in ways that have been done a million times before and will be done a million times again.

Well Justin Cohen has his own very distant way of looking at his cards and he does it every single time. We've been calling it "The Swimmer" but it could probably be called "The Prayer", "The Dive", or even "The Touch your Tippy-Toes". Regardless, it is definitely unique to Cohen and with the way he has been running and playing so far this tournament, we don't suggest he changes it any time soon. His chiropractor might disagree though.

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Now That's Some Betting and Raising

Mark Schmid raised to 140,000 on the button and Trevor Vanderveen re-raised to 375,000 in the small blind. Schmid made the call as the players saw a {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{8-Spades} flop where Vanderveen led out for 410,000. Schmid came back with a raise to 900,000 total and Vanderveen laid his hand down. The pot gave Schmid a sizeable lead and he now has a little over one third of the chips in play.

Jucător Fise Progres
Mark Schmid us
Mark Schmid
3,240,000 1,140,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen
2,275,000 565,000
Trevor Vanderveen
Trevor Vanderveen
1,630,000 -470,000
Jonathan Clancy
Jonathan Clancy
1,400,000 -100,000
Andrew Rudnik us
Andrew Rudnik
1,075,000 -1,075,000

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Action at a Halt

Nivel 28 : 30,000/60,000, 10,000 ante

Since the last elimination, the action has really slowed down. We haven't seen a showdown in quite a while and with all the stacks at least 30 big blinds deep, we've been seeing more postflop betting and folding as opposed to the preflop shovefest from before.

Nivel: 28

Blinduri: 30,000/60,000

Ante: 10,000

Benjamin Volpe Eliminated in 6th Place ($83,925)

Nivel 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante
Benjamin Volpe Eliminated in 6th Place
Benjamin Volpe Eliminated in 6th Place

First to act, Benjamin Volpe raised all in for his final 735,000. It folded around to Jonathan Clancy in the small blind who asked for a count. After a couple of moments, he announced he was all in for slightly more. Andrew Rudnik quickly folded his big blind and the hands were turned up.

Volpe: {q-Spades}{j-Spades}
Clancy: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}

This became the battle of the rails. Each player has had about 15 guys or more sweating him at all times today and each group let the entire Amazon Room know they were here. The flop was {j-Hearts}{6-Spades}{8-Hearts} and the sweat was on. The turn was one of the only cards that didn't increase Volpe's equity when it landed the {4-Hearts}. Still, he could hit a Jack or Queen to double up and cripple Clancy. But the river was the {2-Diamonds} and Volpe's dreams of glory will have to wait for another day.

With that pot, Clancy reaches his high mark for the day with 1.6 million chips. Afterwards, a member of his rail could be heard asking, "How did that hold?!"

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Robbie Verspui Eliminated in 7th Place ($62,873)

Nivel 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante
Robbie Verspui Eliminated in 7th Place
Robbie Verspui Eliminated in 7th Place

First to act, Andrew Rudnik raised to 125,000. It folded around to Robbie Verspui who looked down at his cards and quickly announced he was all in. Rudnik snap-called and Verspui knew he was in trouble.

Rudnik: {a-Spades}{a-Diamonds}
Verspui: {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

The flop gave us a sweat when it came {4-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}. Verspui could now catch one of the two remaining Jacks to stay alive. This is ironically something that his opponent, Rudnik, accomplished just a few hands ago. The turn was the {q-Clubs} and for a moment Verspui thought he had it. The river was the {5-Diamonds} which brought less of a pause and Rudnik chipped up to 2 million. Verspui was crippled and left with just 125,000.

Although he had come back from this figure earlier at our final table, he would be unable to do it again. On the very next hand, he moved all in from the small blind and Rudnik put him at risk from the big blind. In order to stay alive, Verspui's {k-Hearts}{3-Hearts} would need to catch up on the {a-Diamonds}{6-Spades} of Rudnik. He would find no such luck on the {j-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} flop. The {10-Hearts} turn and {6-Hearts} river would brick twice and Verspui is our 7th Place finisher.

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Paging John Clancy

Nivel 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante

There was just an announcement made for Johnathan Clancy to please come to the tournament table since the cards are in the air. But Clancy just strolled in midway through the first hand.

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