Event #40: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em / Six Handed

Stivoli Clubs Paur


Facing a raise from under the gun, Mauro Stivoli moved all in on the button holding {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs}. Taylor Paur called from the blinds with {j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}.

The {a-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} flop gave Stivoli a flush draw, and the {9-Diamonds} on the turn gave him outs to either two pair or trips.

"NINE!!!" Stivoli's rail shouted.

They didn't get a nine, rather a club - the {j-Clubs} to be exact - slammed on the river, giving Stivoli a club flush. His rail exploded, and after the chips were transferred, the two stacks look like this:

Jucător Fise Progres
Mauro Stivoli
Mauro Stivoli
360,000 120,000
Taylor Paur us
Taylor Paur
us 70,000 -93,000

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