Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

O'Brien O'Busto


Dan O'Brien: (X)(X) / {5-}{8-}{8-}{a-} / (X)
Perry Friedman: (X)(X) / {8-}{9-}{9-} FOLDED
Daniel Idema: (X)(X) / {10-}{6-}{4-}{2-} / (X)

We reached the table on fifth street, where Idema bet, and O'Brien thought for a fairly long time before calling. Friedman folded. Both O'Brien and Idema were dealt great card on sixth, an {a-} and a {2-} respectively, and O'Brien got the remainder of his chips (just less than three bets) in the middle. Idema called.

O'Brien: {6-}{4-}
Idema: {a-}{3-}

O'Brien was drawing dead, and began collecting his things while seventh was dealt. Idema turned over a {k-}, and the dealer opened up O'Brien's {j-}.

Idema, this year's $10,000 Limit Hold'em Champion, is now above 40,000 chips.

Jucător Fise Progres
Daniel Idema ca
Daniel Idema
ca 46,000 9,000
Dan O'Brien us
Dan O'Brien
us Eliminat

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