Event #57: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low Split-8 or Better


Phil Laak us
Phil Laak
us 76,000 27,000
David Sands us
David Sands
us 51,000 36,000
Daniel Shak
Daniel Shak
32,000 14,500
Darryll Fish us
Darryll Fish
us 31,000 15,000
Dario Alioto it
Dario Alioto
it 31,000 28,400
Brett Richey us
Brett Richey
us 30,000 13,000
Huck Seed us
Huck Seed
us 27,000 12,000
David Bach us
David Bach
us 26,000 6,050
Tim West us
Tim West
us 26,000 12,000
Marco Traniello it
Marco Traniello
it 24,000 -13,000
Noah Boeken nl
Noah Boeken
nl 22,000 -3,000
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
us 22,000 7,000
Andrey Zaichenko ru
Andrey Zaichenko
ru 19,000
Bruno Fitoussi fr
Bruno Fitoussi
fr 18,000 -3,000
Dario Minieri it
Dario Minieri
it 17,000 2,000
Ari Engel ca
Ari Engel
ca 11,000 -4,000
Mike Matusow us
Mike Matusow
us 10,350 -7,650

"You Could Have K-K-4-8"


With 4,750 in the pot and a board reading {5-Hearts}{3-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}, Tim West checked and Tom "durrrr" Dwan bet 2,300. West tanked for a couple of minutes before shaking his head and saying, "You could have K-K-4-8."

The small blind folded and Dwan smiled as he flipped over {8-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}, much to the delight of West.

Tom Dwan us
Tom Dwan
us 15,500 500

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Tehan Sends One to the Rail


Our field reporter happened by Joe Tehan's table just in time to see an opponent making a hasty exit. Tehan did the deed as he held {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}{8-Spades}{K-Clubs} on a {Q-Spades}{9-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{7-Spades} board. Tehan is now sitting on a mighty stack of 54,000.

Joe Tehan us
Joe Tehan
us 54,000 9,000

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Eslami Climbs

• Nivel 5: 150-300, 0 ante

We picked up the action on the turn, heads up between Ali Eslami and Mikhail Tulchinskiy. The board showed {8-Diamonds} {9-Hearts} {6-Clubs} {Q-Spades}, and Eslami checked from the blinds. Tulchinskiy bet 3,000, Eslami check-raised to 8,500, and Tulchinskiy reraised all in for about 12,000 or so. Eslami called with {8-Spades} {J-Spades} {10-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds} for the nuts, and we never got to see Tulchinskiy's hand. He mucked with some frustration as the {A-Clubs} filled out the board, though someone at the table said they saw {10-} {7-} in his hand, too. Whatever it was, it wasn't good, and we're minus on Russian here on Day 1.

Eslami is on the rise, bolstering his stack up to about 47,000 with that knockout pot.

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A Big Increase

• Nivel 5: 150-300, 0 ante

The numbers are in, and they are good!

An impressive 352 players bought into this event, an increase of nearly 25% over last year's field in the same event. That means a bigger prize pool, too -- $1,654,400 in fact. That money will be chopped up by the final 36 players with the bottom payout being worth $10,091. That's just more than twice the buy-in.

Going up from there, everyone at the final table will make at least $33,352, and the six-figure payouts start with fourth place. First? Just $397,073 and a gold bracelet, thankyouverymuch.

You can find the full breakdown of the prize pool in the Payouts tab up top.

Chiu Gets the Low


On a board reading {6-Spades}{A-Clubs}{7-Spades}{10-Clubs}, a player in middle position checked to David Chiu, who bet 3,850, leaving himself just 800 behind. Nick Binger made the call from the button and the middle-position player came along as well. When the {10-Diamonds} peeled off on the river, it went check, bet 800, and calls.

"I've got the low," Chiu said as he turned over {2-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{K-Spades}. The middle-position player then showed {2-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{A-Hearts} for the high, leaving Binger's {6-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{8-Spades}{5-Clubs} out in the cold.

Nick Binger us
Nick Binger
us 25,000 10,000
David Chiu us
David Chiu
us 9,000 -9,000

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Big Action

• Nivel 5: 150-300, 0 ante

We just walked up to some pretty significant post-flop action. There was 7,500 in the pot when we walked up to the {J-Spades} {4-Hearts} {5-Clubs} flop, and the first player to act (Player 1) had moved all in for 3,250. Right behind him, Richard Ashby had raised to about 15,000, and Jim Anderson called all in for 9,050 next door. That put the action on one last gentleman, Player 4, and he spent a long, long while considering the decision for his last 4,825 chips. After some time, he reluctantly tossed them into the pot.

Player 1: {A-Hearts} {3-Clubs} {7-Hearts} {7-Diamonds} (pair, wheel draw)
Ashby: {A-Spades} {K-Spades} {J-Clubs} {8-Hearts} (top pair)
Anderson: {2-Clubs} {3-Hearts} {5-Hearts} {5-Diamonds} (set, wheel draw)
Player 4: {A-Diamonds} {2-Diamonds} {6-Hearts} {10-Hearts} (wheel draw)

It was a mess of cards and chips laying on the board, and the dealer ran out a {J-Hearts} turn and {8-Diamonds} river. Ashby let out a fist pump and a quiet, "Yes!" as he ran down a full house to take the high half of the pot. Player 1 is eliminated, while Player 4 wins half of the main and side pots with his low. Ashby does likewise with his full house, and Anderson can only win half of the last little side pot, stacking up the 1,475 chips he has left to try and make a comeback.

Ashby is up to about 28,000.

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Party In the City Where the Heat is On

John Cernuto
John Cernuto

"Miami" John Cernuto raised to 875 from middle position and found a lone caller in the big blind. Both players proceeded to check the {4-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} flop, leading to the {J-Clubs} turn. The big blind mustered the courage to bet 1,150, which was enough to push Cernuto off the hand.

"Miami" John is down to 11,800.

John Cernuto us
John Cernuto
us 11,800 -3,200

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