Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Roll Call, Amazon Blue!

Here are the big names to watch in this section today - mind you, this will be the first section to break as the field gets whittled down, so stay tuned!

Jucător Fise Progres
Daniel Retallick us
Daniel Retallick
us 960,000
Lars Bonding dk
Lars Bonding
dk 769,500
Takaaki Nakayama
Takaaki Nakayama
Peter Jetten ca
Peter Jetten
ca 657,000
David Vamplew gb
David Vamplew
gb 451,000
Bryan Colin
Bryan Colin
Christopher Brammer gb
Christopher Brammer
gb 373,000
Tony Hachem au
Tony Hachem
au 355,500
Allen Cunningham us
Allen Cunningham
us 274,000
Philip Meulyzer be
Philip Meulyzer
be 265,500
Tyler Bonkowski ca
Tyler Bonkowski
ca 236,500
Alex Kamberis
Alex Kamberis
Thomas Fuller us
Thomas Fuller
us 142,000
Jeffrey Lisandro au
Jeffrey Lisandro
au 106,000