Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Words Words Words

Shamus • Nivel 4: 150-300, 25 ante

They've been chatting away all day over at Michael "Squeaky" Winnett's table, currently due to break within the next half-hour. Winnett has been the primary talker this afternoon and early evening, but others, including Leo Wolpert, Ali Eslami, and Grayson Ramage, have joined in from time to time as well.

Just now they were variously trying out faux-sounding foreign words, and the conversation got involved enough for the dealer to pipe up.

"I know you guys aren't really saying anything," he said. "But it is English only at the table."

That got a laugh from the table, which soon moved on to a new topic. Besides trading stories and new vocabulary ideas, the group has been mostly trading chips back and forth all day, too, with Winnett, Wolpert, and Ramage still hovering at or below the starting stack. Meanwhile, Eslami (who joined the table more recently), has been nursing a short stack of about 5,000 of late.

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