Event #17: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Cada One of the Chip Leaders

• Nivel 13: 800-1,600, 200 ante
Joe Cada at the $1500 six max final table

Joe Cada is already having one heck of a series. He recently finished 4th in the $1500 six-max event earlier this series. He is try to make another deep run here.

We caught him getting looked up by an opponent preflop when Cada pushed all in. The two flipped up their cards and Cada saw that it was a race.

Cada: {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}
Opponent: {a-Spades}{q-Spades}

The flop came {k-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{6-Hearts}. The turn kept Cada in the lead with the {6-Clubs}. The river made it official with the {8-Spades}. Cada eliminated his opponent and he is in prime position to make it very deep as he is amoung the chip leaders as we continue the beginning of this day 2 restart.

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Joe Cada us
Joe Cada
us 176,000 46,000

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