2013 World Series of Poker

Event #32: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed)
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2013 World Series of Poker

Rezultate finale
Mâna câştigătoare
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Fond de premiere
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40,000 / 80,000

Dan Kelly Just Can't Lose

Nivel 3 : 75/150, 0 ante
Dan Kelly (Seen Here in Earlier WSOP Competition)
Dan Kelly (Seen Here in Earlier WSOP Competition)

After beginning the 2013 World Series of Poker with a 6th place finish in Event #2 ($5000 Eight Handed No Limit Hold’em) and a 5th place finish in the “Millionaire Maker” event just a few days later, Dan Kelly is quickly making this year's series his own.

Kelly was in on the action once again on a recent hand, and although he did not come away a winner, he proved that he can't lose this summer either.

The flop showed {10-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{j-Hearts} and Kelly had bet 600 into an unknown opponent, who raised it up to 1,500. Kelly called, and both players checked the {3-Spades} on the turn. When the {A-Clubs} completed the board on the river, Kelly's opponent fired 1,500 forward, and Kelly quickly looked him up.

The player rolled over {Q-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}, and Kelly asked "queens?" while peering across the table. He then flipped up the {Q-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} and the pot was promptly chopped up.

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Dan Kelly
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