Event #34: $1,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold'em

Three Fall Down

• Nivel 18: 3,000-6,000, 500 ante

Eliminations are happening at such a quick rate, on each of the four tables, that action is getting missed.

Arriving on the flop, with the board reading {K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{10-Hearts}, Philip Tzeng moved all in for his last 22,000 and was called by Simon Charette.

Tzeng: {Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs}
Charette: {K-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}

Tzeng had flopped the straight, but Charette caught the {4-Hearts} on the turn, to make his flush, and hold, as the river brought the {6-Diamonds} to see Tzeng eliminated.

On nearby tables, Ognjen Sekularac and Colagero Maltese were also eliminated.

Jucător Fise Progres
Simon Charette ca
Simon Charette
ca 195,000 -8,000
Calogero Maltese
Calogero Maltese
Ognjen Sekularac rs
Ognjen Sekularac
rs Eliminat
Philip Tzeng
Philip Tzeng

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