Event #45: $1,500 Ante-Only No-Limit Hold'em

Upeshka Desilva Running Up Another Stack

• Nivel 4: 0-0, 50 ante
Upeshka DeSilva (Seen Here at the Final Table of the "Millionaire Maker" Event)

Upeshka Desilva entered the inaugural "Millionaire Maker" event earlier this summer in hopes of becoming a WSOP-minted millionaire, but he had to settle for $175,713 after his deep run to a 7th place finish.

Today, Desilva has been weaving his way through the minefield known as Day 1, and just as he did in the "Millionaire Maker," the young tournament grinder has managed to build a big stack early on.

Desilva currently sits on about 22,000 in chips, which is good for five times the starting stack, and judging by his past performance here at the WSOP he will continue to be a dangerous opponent as his stack grows.

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Upeshka Desilva us
Upeshka Desilva
us 22,500 22,500