Event #50: $2,500 10-Game Mix (Six Handed)

Greg Raymer Eliminated in 11th Place ($11,323)

Shamus • Nivel 21
Greg Raymer - 11th Place


2004 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer has finished 11th after losing his last chips to Brandon Wong in an Omaha-8 hand.

The hand began with Wong raising from the button and Raymer calling from the big blind. The flop came {Q-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}. Raymer checked, Wong bet, Raymer raised, Wong three-bet, and Raymer raised all in and Wong called.

Raymer: {8-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{3-Spades}
Wong: {A-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{3-Clubs}

Wong had top pair of queens and a backdoor low draw while Raymer had several outs to a straight to win the high. The turn was the {9-Spades} and river the {A-Spades}, and Wong's two pair won the hand. Following his custom Raymer signed a fossil to Wong, wishing everyone luck as he left.

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Brandon Wong us
Brandon Wong
us 314,000 34,000
Greg Raymer us
Greg Raymer
us Eliminat

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