Event #22: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Wattel Misses His Draw

• Nivel 11


Mike Wattel completed on third street and Huck Seed, on his immediate left, made the call. On fourth street Wattel bet and Seed called.

"You like your hand, huh?" Seed said with a smile to his opponent right before both their hands paired on the next street.

On fifth Seed check-called a bet before leading himself on sixth. Wattel looked back down at his cards and called. Seed checked on seventh and Wattel scrambled his cards together as he had missed his draw.

Wattel: (X-X) / {8-}{5-}{5-}{K-} / (X)
Seed: (X-X) / {7-}{4-}{4-}{8-} / (X)

Seed showed {9-}{5-}{6-} for an eight-seven low and he raked in the pot.

Jucător Fise Progres
Huck Seed us
Huck Seed
us 75,000 23,900
Mike Wattel us
Mike Wattel
us 27,000 -6,300

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