Event #50: $1,500 Eight-Game Mix

Yamron Cuts Heimiller Down

• Nivel 27

2-7 Triple Draw

Bruce Yamron was on the button and opened with a raise. Phil Ivey folded his small blind and Dan Heimiller called from the big blind. On the first draw, both players pulled two new cards. Heimiller checked over to the raiser and Yamron continued out. Heimiller called to see the next draw.

The second draw saw both players pull one new card. Heimiller check-called once again. For the final draw, Heimiller again took one new card while Yamron opted to stand pat. The final betting round went check-check and Heimiller tabled {9-}{6-}{4-}{3x]{2-}. It was no good, though, as Yamron held {8-}{6-}{5-}{4-}{3-} for the win.

Yamron has now taken a commanding lead with 1.3 million while Heimiller has fallen to 160,000.

Jucător Fise Progres
Bruce Yamron us
Bruce Yamron
us 1,300,000 270,000
Dan Heimiller us
Dan Heimiller
us 160,000 -320,000

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