Event #54: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low

Day 2 Leader Shaffer Ousted

• Nivel 17: 2,500-5,000, 0 ante
Brett Shaffer

Brett Shaffer, who began the day with the chip lead, just busted out.

He raised to pot from early position, and Ted Lawson tanked for about a minute on the button when action folded to him before repotting. Shaffer put in all of his chips.

Shaffer: {a-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{6-Spades}
Lawson: {a-Spades}{q-Spades}{k-Spades}{4-Clubs}

The board ran out {5-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{3-Spades}, giving Lawson the pot with kings.

Jucător Fise Progres
Ted Lawson us
Ted Lawson
us 150,000 55,000
Brett Shaffer us
Brett Shaffer
us Eliminat

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