Event #61: $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship

Another Pot for Hellmuth

• Nivel 12: 1,500-3,000, 300 ante
Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth's day has been very interesting so far, as he 13-time bracelet winner's off to a great start.

Just now we saw three-handed action on fifth street when Bryn Kenney bet and Gary Benson folded. Hellmuth called and on sixth street, Kenney bet again and Hellmuth called. On seventh street both players checked.

Hellmuth: {X-}{X-} / {5-Spades}{9-Hearts}{4-Spades}{K-Diamonds} / {X-}
Kenney: {X-}{X-} / {J-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{10-Spades} / {X-}
Benson: {X-}{X-} / {J-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{6-Spades} --fold

"Two pair," Hellmuth announced and he tabled {A-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} for fours and fives.

Kenney flashed {5-Hearts}{6-Hearts} and threw his hands towards the muck.

Jucător Fise Progres
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
us 122,000 17,000
Bryn Kenney us
Bryn Kenney
us 50,000 -15,000
Gary Benson au
Gary Benson
au 30,000 -7,000

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