Event #62: The $1,111 Little One for One Drop

Hands #157-161: Dubinskyy Pulling Away More

• Nivel 34: 120,000-240,000, 40,000 ante

Hand #157: Ted Driscoll received a walk in his big blind.

Hand #158: Driscoll raised to 490,000 and Dubinskyy folded.

Hand #159: Dubinskyy raised to 500,000 and Driscoll folded.

Hand #160: Driscoll raised to 595,000, Dubinskyy reraised to 1,500,000 and Driscoll folded.

Hand #161: Dubinskyy completed the small blind, Driscoll checked his option and the flop came {7-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}. Driscoll check-called a 400,000 bet from Dubinskyy and the two would check the {Q-Clubs} turn. On the {Q-Hearts} river, Driscoll led out for 475,000 and Dubinskyy called.

Driscoll showed a bluff with {8-Clubs}{6-Spades} and Dubinskyy would take the pot with {6-Clubs}{3-Spades} for two pair, queens and threes. Dubinskyy had approximately a 4:1 chip lead after the hand.

Jucător Fise Progres
Igor Dubinskyy ua
Igor Dubinskyy
ua 14,200,000 1,200,000
Theodore Driscoll us
Theodore Driscoll
us 3,800,000 -1,200,000

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