2023 World Series of Poker

Online Event #1: $333 No-Limit Hold'em Triple Treys Summer Tip Off
Zilele: 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

Rezultate finale
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Informaţii Nivel
140,000 / 280,000
Informaţii Jucători - Ziua 1
Jucători rămaşi

Nivel: 32

Blinduri: 16,000/32,000

Ante: 4,000

Gross Gets There on the River

Nivel 31 : Blinds 14,000/28,000, 3,500 ante

Steve "gborooo" Gross opened to 57,000 from early position and Michael "Thank_A_Vet" Raynor moved all in for his remaining 251,808. Gross made the call putting his opponent at risk.

Michael Raynor: 1010
Steve Gross: 77

Raynor seemed poised for a double up on the 389 flop. The K on the turn brought his opponent more outs and the A on the river sealed his fate. Gross knocked another player out with his rivered flush leaving him with the overall chip lead in the tournament.

Jucător Fise Progres
Steve "gborooo" Gross us
Steve "gborooo" Gross
2,778,710 2,585,409
WSOP 1X Winner
Michael "Thank_A_Vet" Raynor us
Michael "Thank_A_Vet" Raynor

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Nivel: 31

Blinduri: 14,000/28,000

Ante: 3,500

Kade Doubles Through Petleshkov in Battle of the Blinds

Nivel 30 : Blinds 12,000/24,000, 3,000 ante

Action folded to Viliyan "Mozak" Petleshkov in the small blind, who went all-in for 353,350. Vanessa "ContainsNuts" Kade called in the small blind and was covered.

Vanessa Kade: A8
Viliyan Petleshkov: KJ

Kade was well ahead on the 10A7 flop. She remained ahead on the 2 turn and 7 river to score the double up.

Jucător Fise Progres
Vanessa "ContainsNuts" Kade ca
Vanessa "ContainsNuts" Kade
627,498 627,498
Viliyan "Mozak" Petleshkov bg
Viliyan "Mozak" Petleshkov
51,601 51,601

Taguri: Vanessa KadeViliyan Petleshkov

Scherer takes from Felson

Nivel 30 : Blinds 12,000/24,000, 3,000 ante

Anthony "GraniteChief" Scherer moved all-in from middle position for his remaining 214,836 chips. Action folded around to Benjamin "MrLarryDavid" Felson in the big blind who called to put his opponent at risk.

Anthony Scherer: 44
Benjamin Felson: AJ

The board ran out QQ9105. Scherer's small pocket pair was good by the river and he dragged in a healthy pot.

Jucător Fise Progres
Benjamin "MrLarryDavid" Felson us
Benjamin "MrLarryDavid" Felson
595,366 595,366
Anthony "GraniteChief" Scherer
Anthony "GraniteChief" Scherer
465,672 465,672

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Nivel: 30

Blinduri: 12,000/24,000

Ante: 3,000

"clemslad" Triumphs in Battle of the Premiums

Nivel 29 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 2,500 ante

"clemslad" opened to 50,000 from middle position and was faced with a three-bet to 250,000 from "babyboyardee" in the cutoff. "clemslad" moved all-in for their remaining 393,874 and "babyboyardee" snap called to put their opponent at risk with a colossal 837,748 in the pot.

"clemslad": AA
"babyboyardee" KK

The board ran out 69824 securing a massive double up for "clemslad" and leaving them with one of the biggest stacks in the field.

Jucător Fise Progres
837,748 837,748
650,966 650,966

Nivel: 29

Blinduri: 10,000/20,000

Ante: 2,500

Nivel: 28

Blinduri: 8,000/16,000

Ante: 2,000

Lamb knocks out Depaulo

Nivel 27 : Blinds 6,000/12,000, 1,500 ante

Action folded to Ryan "RyanDepaulo" Depaulo in the button, who went all in for his remaining 66,978 chips. The small blind got out of the way and Ben "Trufflelife" Lamb made the call to put Depaulo at risk.

Ryan Depaulo: Q9
Ben Lamb: A7

The board came out 73A210. Lamb's top pair was more than enough to eliminate his opponent.

Jucător Fise Progres
Ben "TruffleLife" Lamb us
Ben "TruffleLife" Lamb
401,158 401,158
WSOP 2X Winner

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