Charlie Carrel on his 2017 SCOOP Main event WIN!

Oliver Biles catches up with Charlie Carrel where they discuss what he has been up to in these trying times, his resurgence on the Twitch poker streets and we find out exactly how he won the 2017 SCOOP Main Event (It's quite the story!).


0:04 | Introduction to Charlie Carrel
1:01 | What has Charlie been up to?
2:05 | What is the current state of online poker?
3:14 | Charlie streaming poker on Twitch
4:02 | Charlie’s online bankroll challenge
4:40 | YouTube highlights and vlogs
6:27 | The 2017 SCOOP Main Event
7:09 | Charlie’s epic story of winning
12:14 | Did the win change his life?
13:16 | Any other memorable tournament wins?
14:38 | A tip on how to make it as a professional poker player
15:09 | SCOOP 2020
16:12 | A suggestion of a change to the SCOOP
17:26 | Advice from Charlie on grinding SCOOP
19:23 | Charlie’s past and present routines when playing poker
20:17 | Importance of having close poker friends
21:28 | Talking about his twitch community
22:54 | Charlie and Kathy’s spiritual poker masterclass

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